I actually started two similar blogs with very similar names on two different blog services. The reason I did this is I really don’t know which setup I prefer. Ideally, I would host a WordPress blog on my own host/domain. I am hesitant for a couple reasons.

One, I really don’t know how prolific my blogging will be or if I will endup with any readers. I feel like I might want to see what my output is before going off the free wordpress/blogger services.

I also want to test out a couple different blog platforms. I am more used to Blogger at this point but I like WordPress for a lot of reasons.

I have no problem paying for hosting or a domain. Right now I control over 50 domains and have a few different hosts. I have never integrated a blog into my own domain and hosting, though. So my reluctance is more for technical reasons than financial ones. What I would like to do is prove I can be consistent in blogging and building readership and then reconsider my options.

For now, I am going to use this blog for more “serious” and personal financial posting ( more on the wealth side). I will use the other for test posting, fleshing out ideas, and more general personal finance.